How Are BTB Transfers Working?

When sports betting giant BK8 announced a string of sponsorship deals with famous English football clubs and Spanish LaLiga soccer giants, it marked an important turnaround for the company following a difficult PR campaign in the past year. Since then, however, BK has secured further agreements with sponsorships from football’s most storied clubs, as well as European champions Chelsea and AC Milan. The moves, according to BK vice president Christian Kemp, show the potential strength of BK8’s business model and service. “The fact that BK is willing to extend its relationship with these powerful companies strengthens our position as a global leader in online gambling,” said Christian. “These new agreements will allow us to expand our offerings to more fans and bettors, while also generating additional revenue for BK.”

BK8 boasts an impressive list of prestigious clients, having secured multi-million pound betting deals with the likes of Chelsea, AC Milan and Manchester United. A special offers programme has been developed specifically to assist betters who wish to bet high amounts and bet online against top bookmakers. All transactions are handled securely by the exchange between the website and the bwin gambling company.

The company recently launched a new feature to its website, which enables its users to place live bets using a single trading account. This is done by logging into bk8’s website using your personal computer, and then completing a short application form. Once this has been completed, you are ready to start betting, and will be able to view all the current betting markets, including the latest results and odds.

The company recently began a sponsorship deal with the Premier League’s leading club, Manchester City. BK8 is also due to receive a further five million pounds from Sheikh Mansour bin Zayed Al Dhabi, the Abu Dhabi ownership group who own the club. BK8 are partnered with the Dubai Sports Investment Corporation, as is the Premier League itself. This will assist the website in continuing to expand its presence in the Middle East, as well as gaining a new customer base in what is becoming one of the most popular destinations for sports betting. Not only is it home to one of the worlds leading sports clubs, but is also the capital city of the United Arab Emirates.

The ongoing promotions are designed to increase the number of individuals who are able to place a bet using the site. Individuals who may not be based within the UK can still take advantage of the ongoing promotions, by visiting the links below. The companies website is constantly being updated with new features and exciting offers, and has recently launched a new betting service to coincide with the Premier League season. Individuals wishing to place a bet using bk8 must do so by pre-authorizing a transfer of funds through their credit card. As the company works hard to expand its customer base, and attract more new customers, any new customers will also gain automatic free bet registration.

Many of the previous major football clubs have their own dedicated social media marketing departments which work in conjunction with bk8 in order to promote the website, as well as generate interest in the club itself. The official club website currently features articles focusing on each players successes, team news, and images from the matches. In addition to this, the social media profiles of players such as Wayne Rooney, Sir Alex Ferguson, and Manchester City’s Sir Manuel Pellegrini are also being promoted, along with the club logos. These efforts are part of a concerted marketing strategy by bk8 in order to generate new business, and increase its current customer base.